When was the last time you had 

"YOU" time in your schedule?

You're not alone! But you're also setting yourself up for burnout.

Uh huh. I see you.


Your business is running you. And it's time to run IT.


This time blocking template and training is THE solution to setting yourself up for successful time management, right from the beginning.


Inside you'll learn:

👉🏼 How to get out of your business and back to building relationships.


👉🏼 A template so you know exactly how to set your schedule with flexibility...


👉🏼 You Can feel back in control of your projects and team! 🤤


👉🏼 A Worksheet to help you brainstorm the important things in your business...


👉🏼 To STOP second guessing whether stuff is getting done and know exactly what's going on in your biz.😏


Aloha, I'm Tracy!  👋🏼

I help business owners and solopreneurs go from frazzled and all over the place to calm and organized.


As a Systems Strategist and Operations Consultant, I've seen the messy backends of a LOT of businesses

and by a lot, I mean hundreds! What I do best is get you rapid results by helping you simplify and systematize your business utilizing productivity systems and operational best practices. 


I've worked with multi-billion dollar companys and learned how to tweak what Ive learned in my 14-year corporate career to fit the uniqueness of small business and entrepreneurship. My mission is to help small business owners and solopreneurs realize that the chaos and overwhelm of owning a new business is not their new normal. They can design a business with structure and freedom.



If you're ready to ditch the overwhelm..


Let's do the damn thang! 👇🏼